About Us

Dunninghams is New Zealand’s leading ingredient supplier to the Butchery, Food Manufacture, Processors & Food Service sectors. 

A New Zealand based privately owned fourth generation family company, we have been partnering with food providers to produce and supply top quality products since 1921 (103 years) and enjoy an excellent reputation for superb cost effective products that deliver consistent quality and performance from decades of industry knowledge.

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Dunninghams’ offering has steadily grown to over 10,000+ products and while ingredients remain the core business, the range includes coatings, marinades, glazes, cures, sausage meals, casings, herbs and spices, packaging & food service packaging, machinery, ancillary equipment including knives, aprons and cleaning products.

The majority of Dunninghams products are blended onsite at our Penrose, Auckland production facility, allowing flexibility and quality standards  to be upheld. The strong team of food technologists are passionate about developing custom products to meet customer needs, including tweaking our standard recipes to put a unique custom twist on our products to suit our specific customer requirements. 

The team are happy to work with other technologists or marketers to develop products for various food sectors. 

A purpose built commercial kitchen allows our food technologists and customers to collaborate in bringing world class options  to the market while a full blending facility offers versatility in volume and batch sizes with our MOQ as low as 40kg. 

We will batch blend products to suit our customer needs and even hold product in stock by agreement for customers to draw down upon to help with unforeseen peaks in product demand.

In response to market demand, many products in the Dunninghams range are now allergen friendly including gluten free glazes and sausage meals. Halal products are also available.