Corporate & Social Responsibility

Telarc Registered Certification

 At Dunninghams, we emphasise to our customers that our business provides them with the assurance of having an effective management system in place, showcasing our dedication to quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This formal certification not only demonstrates our commitment to consistently meeting their requirements but also proves the quality of our food safety, reassuring distributors and customers alike. Regular reviews by Telarc uphold their confidence in our effectiveness, ensuring compliance with standards and hygiene regulations while enabling consistent tracing of ingredients and products. Furthermore, the recognition of ISO standards in over 160 countries, including New Zealand's major trading destinations, further strengthens the credibility of our management system. This recognition not only assures existing customers but also helps gain customer recognition and approval, paving the way to penetrate new markets with confidence.

Your EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is a professional and confidential service paid for by your employer. It is to assist you if you are experiencing any personal or work related difficulties. This service is provided by an independent company, EAP Services Limited, and their Professionals are all qualified, registered and highly experienced EAP specialists.

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  • Feelings of anxiety, stress or depression 
  • Family challenges, relationship issues 
  • Conflict and tension with colleagues, managers, partners 
  • Pressures placed on you in the workplace or personal situations 
  • Coping with serious illness, trauma, grief or bereavement 
  • Building resilience during times of change and uncertainty 
  • Preparing for retirement or redundancy
  • Frustrations and confusion over your career direction 
  • Living with addictions and minimising their impact on your life 
  • Your mental health is important to us and tips in this flyer can be helpful and practical on how to prevent burnout


Retail Meat New Zealand

"Dunninghams has been a long-standing valuable member of Retail Meat New Zealand for a number of years, and along the way has supported and continues to support our organisation and the events we run. We value our partnership with Dunninghams as without the support from our industry partners like Dunninghams we really couldn’t run these events and greatly appreciate the support we receive.
Dunninghams is a proud sponsor of:"

Outward Bound

In support of the development of young butchers in the industry, Dunninghams is delighted to announce 4 Outward Bound Scholarships for 2024. An intensive 21-day course worth $4000 - on us!