Thermoform Film


Dunninghams have extended our range of thermoform webs we carry in stock with various widths, thicknesses and a few others options to suit various applications. Talk to us about your custom requirements as we can help you out. We can now offer thermoform films for all applications from standard flexible films, semi rigid, boilable, cook in, retort, breathable, high puncture resistant and everything in between and not to forget custom printed designs and in various materials to suit what your needs are for the product you are packing.


  • Shelf-life extension
  • Both high and medium barriers are available to extend the shelf-life of your product whilst maintaining the quality.
  • Depending on your machinery and application, various structures, sizes and roll lengths can be produced to suit your specific needs.
  • Light weight and easy to transport making it more efficient and better for your carbon footprint.
  • Customisable design of the material to suit the application
  • Fully printed options using up to 12 colours,  and films available in both matt and gloss print options.

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